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Fields Veterinary Group has a pricing structure dependant on the treatment required by your pet. We are able to give estimates for treatment/operations required and our vets will be happy to discuss this with you. Modern veterinary care can be very complex, but in most cases a range of treatment options can be discussed on an individual basis. The costs and benefits will be explained fully so that you, as the carer of the pet, can make an informed decision on the level of care provided.


We would encourage all clients to think about insurance for their pets and have a range of leaflets available at the surgery for your information. The practice is not registered to sell insurance therefore we cannot give you any advice other than to shop around all the insurance providers to find the best quote for you and your pet.


Vaccination should only be carried out in healthy animals so a health examination will be performed prior to any vaccination and a special reduced rate health check fee applies. There are several diseases that can be vaccinated against, your vet will discuss the most appropriate options with you following the health check.


We accept RSPCA and Cats Protection League vouchers and also participate in the Dogs Trust reduced fee neutering scheme. If you require any information regarding these schemes please speak directly to the charities concerned.


We accept payment by Cash, Cheque (with cheque card), Delta, Mastercard or Visa, and Switch.

Price List


First                                        £29.77

Recheck                                 £27.55

Rabbit/Small Mammal        £27.10

Vaccinations (including a full health check)

Dog                                                £27

Kennel Cough                              £30 or £18.54 at time of booster vaccination



Flu and Enteritis                          £27

Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia    £41.75

Rabbit Myxo/RHD                       £30



Castration(male neutering)*

Dog                                         £98.28-191.10 (depending on weight)

Cat                                          £44.10

Rabbit                                    £55.69

Spaying(female neutering)*

Dog                                         £131.04-314.50 (depending on weight)

Laparoscopic(dogs only)    £390 (to be discussed with vet before booking)

Cat                                         £64.43

Rabbit                                   £68.80


*price do not include buster collar, recovery food or post-operative medication should they be required

Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club is a money saving preventative health scheme to help keep your pet and your finances in tip top condition, and is available for dogs, cats and rabbits!